Category listing: Party Pills

Rave (Energy and Mind Stimulator)

Rave (Energy and Mind Stimulator) details buy now
Rave is an all new energy enhancing herbal pill that will make you joyful and give you an awesome high without any side effects or hangover.
Activ8 (Energy Booster)

Activ8 (Energy Booster) details buy now
Activ8 gives you a legal euphoria high that will always satisfy.
XTZ (Energy Booster)

XTZ (Energy Booster) details buy now
XTZ pills contain a natural energy enhancer that guarantees your party will always last all night.
Cok-N (Energy and Sensory Enhancer)

Cok-N (Energy and Sensory Enhancer) details buy now
Cok-N enhances your energy level in a way that is similar to that of cocaine, but it is completely legal and not addictive.
Frozen (Energy and Libido Enhancer)

Frozen (Energy and Libido Enhancer) details buy now
FROZEN will freeze you in your tracks & with a dose of pure lovin' energy you will feel totally revitalized and ready to party.
Xplode (Stamina, Energy and Sex Enhancer)

Xplode (Stamina, Energy and Sex Enhancer) details buy now
With Xplode you will discover your untapped energy and will amp your mood to high.
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